What Makes A Website Attractive To Visitors?

Published: 21st May 2008
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What makes an online gaming business website attractive to visitors?

I have been checking sites and had constantly compared them according to their offerings.

Multiply, Facebook, Friendster and other fast growing websites combine this four exciting systems to build customer loyalty among their online guests:

  1. Social Networking. Current studies reveal the decline of the usage of emails in favor of the online social networks. This network provides almost all facets of personalized services which combines the usage of e-mail, blogging and site personalization.

  2. Instant Communication. Aside from the usual delayed emailing, some system has created real-time communication network

  3. Customization of Profile. What describes your character and mood? This feature provides the answer for ultimate site personalization.

  4. Social Marketing. This feature allows subscriber to check on what possible advantage they can get through the site. This advantage can be in form of free blog and website mileage for amateur website administrator and the likes.

  5. Online Gaming Business Add-ons. More than an information portal, some sites provide opportunities for online entrepreneur wannabe's. This type of break is emerging features of the new sites because it provide the required revenue to continue their online operations and at the same time provide guests and visitors the interactive online gaming experience every netizen expects.

When all of this is mixed, you get high and unique visitor profile which will definitely increase your PR ranking after you successfully introduce it to your e-mail database. This site then becomes an attractive marketing medium and platform for advertisers.

RUBEN B. LICERA, JR. is a freelance writer, editor and a professional press relations specialist for more than 5 years now. The writer offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ghostwriting, blogging and copywriting services. He currently maintains PINOY WORLD weblog as a hobby.

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